Water Leaper – the Malicious Flying Frog

The Water Leaper, aka, Llamhigyn y dwr, lives beneath the surface of various-sized bodies of water in Wales. He lurks in hiding, waiting for the opportunity to ambush any prey that wander too close to the water’s edge.

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The Water Leaper may look cute, but looks can be deceiving. In Welsh folklore, this creature skims the surface of ponds and swamps to snap the lines of fisherman and eat livestock. He utilizes a blood-curdling scream to stun his prey then probes them with the stinger on the end of his tail. While no actual size for the creature is given, stories of fisherman state he is big enough to eat a man. If you’d like to know more check out this article at Cryptid Wiki.

Most references found on the internet seem to stem from this reference: Katharine BriggsAn Encyclopeidia of Fairies, Hobgoblins, Brownies, Boogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures, “Llamhigyn Y Dwr”, p270.

Katharine Mary Briggs – Famous Folklorist

Katharine Mary Briggs (1898-1980) was born in Hampstead, London and was the oldest of three girls. Her father was an artist of Scottish scenery who often told her stories. Katharine attended Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, earning a BA in 1922 and an MA in 1926. Later, she earned her PhD with a thesis on folklore and 17th century literature.

A well-known folklorist, Briggs wrote many books on fairies and folklore, including The Anatomy of Puck and the four-volume A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales in the English Language. From 1969 to 1972, she served as president of the Folklore Society, a national association in the United Kingdom that focuses on the study of folklore. The Society established the Katherine Mary Briggs award to honor her life and work.

Inspiration behind the Water Leaper

Mel found this cryptid while searching for something fun and frog-like to draw. She wanted to spotlight a couple lesser-known, yet intriguing, cryptids and came across this guy. Wanting membranous wings that weren’t too bat-like, Mel focused on giving the phalanges a frog-like design. This would allow the Water Leaper to look more like it’s own creature than a Chimera.

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