Walking With Bigfoot

T. S. Mart and Mel Ayers

Why is the idea of sharing our mountains and forests with Bigfoot so enticing? Is it because he resembles a realistic monster? Is it because several people (like thousands) have reported sightings, and those of us who haven’t seen him are curious? Or is it because Bigfoot can be whatever we want/need him to be—ferocious, adorable, intelligent, a missing link, an object of fascination?

I’m pretty sure I can find him in each of these forms in my office if someone wants to challenge me. *wink-grin*

Bigfoot is certainly adaptable. Found in every state, his popularity never dies. That is why I think this children’s book will appeal to a large number of kids and adults. Seriously, I love this book and wish I’d had it when my kids were little. Might have kept us from raising a tank full of moths instead of monarch butterflies. What a stinky mess that turned out to be (moths burrow in their dung in case you didn’t know. Butterflies make beautiful chrysalis). *Oh well, live and learn*

The Specs

Walking with Bigfoot Written by Sharen and Mark Mellicker Illustrated by Sharen Mellicker Children’s Picture Book appropriate for ALL ages. Purchase on their website.

The Book

Walking with Bigfoot Book Review

I first saw this 32-page picture book at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference this past spring and wished so badly I had a young person to buy it for. Sharen Mellicker’s depiction of Bigfoot makes me smile. Each page shows Big Daddy, Lily, and Grey trekking through the woods to gather up a wildflower birthday surprise for Big Mamma while she sleeps. Along the way, they encounter different kinds of butterflies.

Every margin offer details about the specific butterflies and wildflowers–about four dozen in all. Included in the book are the life cycle of a plant and butterfly as well as how to design your own butterfly garden.

In an Eric Carle-style of layering of bright colors, Ms. Mellicker brings an array of vivid imagery to every page which allows the reader or listener to discover something new each time they open the pages.

The book series idea was co-developed by husband and wife team, Sharen and Mark Mellicker. This biography comes from their webisite:

Sharen, a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Art Education, taught elementary school art for 35 years and retired in 2015. While teaching, she never found time to fulfill her dream of illustrating children’s books. What better retirement activity?! Sharen has always been an advocate of visual learning techniques which complement traditional young reader skills.

Then came Mark’s influence… a graduate of the University of Iowa’s business school, he has been a financial professional for 35 years. That has not stopped him from spending the majority of his free time outdoors. As a lifelong naturalist inspired by his Dad’s love for nature and participation in Boy Scouts, he has wilderness experiences in many North American states including a two year stint in Alaska. For many years, Mark has been fascinated by the thought that a large, undiscovered Hominid, Sasquatch or Bigfoot could live in our North American forests.

The Walking With Bigfoot series contains four books:

Wildflowers and Butterflies
Mammals of North America
Birds of North America
Common Trees in North America

They’ve also created a new Walking With Bigfoot Activity Book. The entire series can be purchased on their website.

Also on their website, fun nature projects for kids. This book would be great for home and school libraries, nature centers, young scouts and cloverbuds, day cares and as gifts. If you’d like to read more about the Mellicker’s and their books, please visit their website or Facebook page.

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