Cryptkins, collectibles for cryptid fans

A collectible gift or stocking stuffer for the Cryptid fan

  • Digital Vinyl Collectibles
  • by Cryptozoic Entertainment
  • For ages 14+
  • Retail for each figure: $5.99 to &7.99
  • Digital prices vary depending on the product

While I’ve seen these little guys around, I hadn’t paid too much attention to them until recently when I thought they might be nice for a give-a-way or as Christmas gifts. I ordered the complete first series because it had four of the cryptids I wanted (see above) and it was cheaper than buying each one individually. I’m assuming that’s because Series Two has since been released.

What are Cryptkins?

Frighteningly adorable 2.25 inch tall digital and vinyl collectibles made by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Each series has thirteen unique figures. Two of them are rare and one is ultra-rare. Each figure comes packaged in a collectible, blind-reveal miniature crate.

By downloading the free Quidd app on iOS and Android devices, you can also collect digital trading cards, stickers, and 3-D Cryptkin figures. Quidd is the leading platform for buying, trading, and using premium, rare digital goods.

The idea for Cryptkins came from several Cryptozoic team members who wanted to create a fun and adventurous new brand. The design team sketched out various designs of monstrous babies that looked both adorable and frightening. They added large, red eyes, making them look cute, cuddly, and a bit ominous. Associate designer Kyle Wlodyga said, “If you reached out to pet one, you aren’t exactly sure if they’d let you or bite you!”

Sam Greenwell of Lexington, KY, sculpted the figures. Greenwell’s website bio states, “I’ve been working in the toy/collectibles industry for about 20 years. I’ve worked for most of the comic companies; DC, Marvel/Toybiz, Dark Horse, Diamond Select, Bowen Designs, Blizzard. I started out sculpting traditionally in clay and wax, but now work almost exclusively in zbrush.”

As stated on their website, Cryptozoic Entertainment strives to develop the most creative and sought-after products for pop culture enthusiasts worldwide, offering a diverse portfolio of licensed and original IPs that cover a broad spectrum of tabletop games and collectibles.

My Impression:

Mel and I bought a year-old case and had a blast opening the twelve creatures that came in cute little “crate-like” boxes. There was no guarantee which twelve characters we would get or whether there would be any rare’s or doubles. In our case we received two doubles and no rares. We did receive the four characters we wanted and were very happy with the quality. The sculpting and paint jobs are top notch. Each piece is solid and sits or stands perfectly. My guess is the 14+ age is recommended because ears and tails are delicate. With a good twist they might come off. These are definitely meant to be collectibles and not toys you let your kids or grandkids play with.

Digital Cryptkin Products:

Curious about the digital stickers, I downloaded the free Quidd app. So far, it’s been easy to use. When I signed up they gave me enough coins to purchase some product. I chose to get some Christmas Cryptkin stickers to use in iMessenger. With a Thunderbird tangled in Christmas lights and a Chupacabra “stealing” Christmas, they express what can’t be said with words. <grin>. And they are painfully cute.

I wish more platforms supported the Quidd app, but it looks like only Whatsapp and iMessenger support use of the stickers right now. Even if I don’t buy anything on Quidd, I can view the new Cryptkin figures and identify which ones are the rares. I can read the bio cards and check out the neat designs. That’s enough digital for me. Besides, I’m old-fashioned. I want to be able to touch my Cryptkins and set them on shelf where I don’t need to be “plugged in” to enjoy them. But, the world is changing. What better way for a minimalist culture to enjoy collectibles than to own a digital copy that is stored online.

If you’d like to read more about Cryptkins or the Quidd app, this is a good blog post.

This is a product I will likely purchase in the future. I’d like learn more about trading and collecting them.

Anyone have advice on platforms or locations to trade and sell (besides the Quidd app)?
What is your favorite collectible item?

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