Review of Encounters With Flying Humanoids by Ken Gerhard

This past Sunday evening was Trick or Treat in our community and there were a lot of humanoids walking around. Some scarier than others. Mel is in England, so my neighbor came over and we passed out candy together, making sure to keep the Almond Joys buried beneath the Reese Cups. It was a lot of fun. When Trick or Treat was over and my neighbor went home, I pulled out a book on creepy, cryptid sightings. I’ll share with you another time. This week, I want to share a book I read a few months back.

If you’re in need of a fun Halloween read. Here it is!

Encounters with Flying Humanoids

mothman, manbirds, gargoyles, and other winged beasts

Humanoids by Ken Gerhard
  • Written by Ken Gerhard
  • Genre: Nonfiction.
  • Content rating (my judgement only): PG. There is no bad language or extreme gore, but there are mild images of violence and horror.
  • Publication date: 2016 by Llewellyn Publications.

Back Cover Blurb:

A strange creature with gigantic, blood-red embers for eyes crept out of the dark in West Virginia. Dozens of witnesses reported seeing the winged beast—later identified as Mothman—take flight, chasing cars at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.

Cryptozoologist, Ken Gerhard, has traveled the world collecting evidence on the Mothman, the Owlman, the Van Meter Creature, the Valkyrie of Voltana, the Houston Batman, and other strange “bird people” that have been sighted throughout history. Packed with famous historical cases and dozens of chilling first-person accounts, this is the first book to focus exclusively on flying humanoids—a wide array of airborne entities that seem to feed off our deepest fears.

bats of cryptid world

Spring-Heeled Jack

Encounters With Humanoids is so appropriate for the October season. One creepy story after another. I suppose it’s the idea there is an element of truth to each one that gives me the shivers. Even if some of the details are off, to the witness—the one originally reporting the encounter—something frightful happened. Here’s an example from one of Gerhard’s entries.

Spring heeled Jack, Humanoids, Ken Gerhard

Sky Monster Research

I read Encounters With Humanoids as part of my research for Sky Monsters. While I was interested in Gerhard’s perspective on Mothman and the Jersey Devil, both which have humanoid characteristics (depending on who you talk to), I was impressed by the quality of writing. In fact, several cryptozoologist have a gift of writing clean and quality prose.

In addition, Gerhard offers an objective opinion on cryptids, utilizing supportive documentation. And if the documentation is questionable, he says so. I appreciate that.

Mel researched some of the lesser known flying cryptids like Owlman, Batsquatch, and the Houston Batman for the sky monster profiles in our upcoming book. Online research is a place to start, but it’s not where we like to finish. Gerhard’s book offered some expert details on these cryptids.

If you like a mildly creepy book that veers off the beaten path of traditional monster lore, then Encounters With Humanoids is for you. It’s available for purchase on Amazon as are Gerhard’s other books. You can also find out more about him and his books at

Do you have a favorite book you like to read near Halloween?

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