The Mothman Legacy by Small Town Monsters

In his 13th Small Town Monster’s production, Seth Breedlove brings a sequel to The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017).” Viewers can count on the soul stirring compositions of Brandon Dalo, (dare you to listen), the whimsical yet enigmatic watercolor painting by the talented Adrienne Breedlove, and outstanding cinematography of the Appalachian hills. Beyond the events of 1966 and 1967, The Mothman Legacy proves there is more of this legendary story to tell. Embedded in the 77 minute documentary are more eye witness and historical accounts, all possessing one common element–fear.

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“Fear can seemingly appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as quickly…only to return again.”

With beautiful images of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, winding between rolling hills, the ambience of The Mothman Legacy pulls the viewer into the peaceful setting of Point Pleasant, WV then drops them into the frightening mystery of how one story haunts an entire region. Not only in the present, but from the past – from stories once told throughout a land riddled by hardship and loss. These memories that hibernate are often brought to life by the sharing of experience.

Sharing helps give fear perspective

Beginning with Scots-Irish settlements in the early 18th century, The Mothman Legacy recounts how West Virginia became home to a variety of cultures embedded deep in story-telling. Giving voice to a variety of eye witness testimonies, Breedlove points out that Mothman sightings continue to haunt many lives. And as long as these people tell their stories, the creature’s legacy will live on.

“Fear is a part of our lives…you can’t outrun it or hide from it. All we can do is name it, embrace it, and learn from it.”

Perfect for the Halloween season, this documentary brings some real creepiness without the gore or jump scares. Meaty content about real people and events lend to the eeriness that something real and evil lurks around us.

Details for The Mothman Legacy:

  • Documentary (cultural, cryptid lore, horror, historical)
  • Not rated, but we would rate it as PG-13
  • Content is clean, but mature in nature.
  • Creepy stories and images, but no jump scares
  • 1 hour and 17 minutes
  • We give this documentary 5 Cryptid World moths
  • Available for purchase on Amazon Prime and at Small Town Monsters


Quotes within the text above are from The Mothman Legacy. While Cryptid World is a Kickstarter backer of The Mothman Legacy and has received a complimentary copy, this review and rating reflect our honest opinions.

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Here’s a Trailer for The Mothman Legacy

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“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt. This might be why his wife Elanor said, “Do one thing that scares you everyday.”

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