Slippery Silver Linings

Every silver lining has a touch of gray. Which will you focus on, Inspirational quote

Are you like me? Do you have slippery silver linings that sometimes get washed out by the gray? Every silver lining has a touch of gray, but whichever we choose to focus on determines out happiness for that moment.

Our proofs for Sky Monsters came this past Wednesday. This means spending hours and hours reading through the manuscript one more time and creating an index. Lots of tedious, organizational work. And I love it! Call me weird, it’s okay. To prepare, I spent the entire week tidying up a different project. But this was also the weekend I set aside to clean the gutters. Get it done and over with. Dreaded work that I have to do before it gets too cold.

But guess what?

It’s raining…hard. Yay! Shove gutters to next weekend’s list and I get to spend this [much needed] weekend on Sky Monsters without guilt. There is a silver lining to this rainy day.

Why We Need Silver Linings

During this odd time in our lives, when an unseen enemy has stolen our traditions and time with friends and family, we need to make an effort to look for silver linings. We still need to focus on being thankful because when we stop, we let bitterness take hold, and bitterness eats us alive from the inside out. An enemy worse than Covid-19.

Take care you don’t become bitter. Look for the silver linings this Thanksgiving.

My Top 5 Silver Linings this Thanksgiving
  1. I don’t have to cook as much food
  2. More food for me when I cook too much food anyway
  3. For the first time in forever, we’ll all fit around one table together–could even be the living room coffee table.
  4. More time to make my Cyber Monday lists
  5. Less cooking and travel means more time to clean gutters (hey, it’s gotta be done!)

What are your silver linings this Thanksgiving?

"I will no longer allow the negative things in my life spoil all the good things that make me happy", Inspirational quote

Want to know the science behind silver linings. Check out this site at the University of Illinois.

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Happy Thanksgiving