Momo: The Missouri Monster

A Seth Breedlove Film from Small Town Monsters

Momo: The Missouri Monster, Bigfoot, Cryptid

Released: September 2019

I’m not qualified to write a review of Momo: The Missouri Monster because I was still toddling around during the mid-1970s “B movie” craze. I simply don’t understand the grind-house film niche. But since I’ve watched this film a couple times, I can definitely write from a lay-person’s point of view about why I think you should see it.

Any STM production gives you quality content. Their films are known for utilizing a unique creature to tap into the history and culture of a community. “Momo: The Missouri Monster” is no different as we’re taken to Louisiana, Missouri and given a feel for how the river town operated in the early 1800s. Railroad and river transportation brought industry to the small town. Until a century and a half later. Like most small towns across America, jobs left and the people moved on, leaving behind a struggling community whose identity was lost somewhere in a previous time.

Lost Bigfoot Stories

The passage of time threatens the existence of certain stories unless someone records them. Back in the mid-1970s when Bigfoot became the focal character of several low-budget films, someone made a film about Momo terrorizing Louisiana, Missouri but never released it. The film was lost for many years until Lyle Blackburn found it. So the story goes…. *wink*

Using vintage style filming (see…I know nothing about film history), STM reveals the true terrifying experience of one family in clips of the “lost” video, weaving in story facts using punchy “case files.”

The film is creative and highly entertaining. One of my favorite lines comes from a teenage girl as she describes Momo to her dad: “He looked like a dog that mated with Jerry Garcia.” Classic. As was the entire production from the vintage set design to Momo’s costume and the use of local actors (I believe most are affiliated with STM in some way).

This film is appropriate for any age who can tolerate some monster horror and violent scenes. There is no gore or language. The content is clean, but Momo is scary. A critter worthy of the big screen. You can watch or purchase from Amazon Prime.

Want to see more productions by STMs? Check out their website. Here is a review I did of their previous release Terror in the Skies.

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