Bigfoot Inspiration – The Day After Valentine’s

Bigfoot Inspiration for the day after Valentine's
Bigfoot Inspiration for the Day After Valentine’s.

Bigfoot…Sasquatch…Skunk Ape.

He’s everywhere, and he’s offering you some Bigfoot Inspiration. Valentine’s Day is one of those love/hate holidays. Probably because we allow our emotions to take control. When we do that, we set expectations. For some, those expectations are exceeded. For others, not so much.

Maybe Valentine’s Day wasn’t what you hoped for, or maybe you ignored it because it isn’t relevant in your life. If that’s the case, know this:

“You don’t need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely.” Don’t settle for less. Life is too short to be less of a person than you were meant to be. Conversely, don’t be the person who expects someone else to change or be different for you.

“Love is the willingness and ability to allow others the right to make their own choices for themselves without any insistence they satisfy you.” —The Grief Recovery Method.

Unapologetically Be You … Like Bigfoot

Bigfoot is the perfect creature to offer this advice. As a solitary, independent, and fierce creature, he doesn’t allow society to change (or capture) him. Accept him as is … or move on.

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