Fearsome Happiness

Fearsome happiness–living a life free from the weight of lies and regrets of the past.

I love the word fearsome. It means frightening, especially in appearance, but it doesn’t have to be bad. What if our happiness is so apparent that it comes across frightening to those who don’t understand it?

What if the appearance of happiness is frightening because in order to obtain it, it means change?

Happiness means something a little different to everyone. But there is one universal truth. People want to be happy. To feel good. To be free of negative and regretful thoughts.

But here’s the fearsome truth:

I could point you to a hundred different online articles, page after page of quotes on the topic, inspirational videos and songs. There are no secrets, the truth of happiness exists for everyone, you just have to believe its real.

As a grief counselor, social worker, mother, daughter, sister, griever, I’ve worked with many folks walking the fine line between misery and happiness.
There are 4 not so secret tips to obtaining fearsome happiness:
  1. Embrace truth. Don’t lie.
  2. Let go of those things that bring unhappiness.
  3. Don’t regret. If you do,
  4. Seek forgiveness.
Happiness is found in freedom. At Cryptid World we often highlight cryptids, creatures, and fascinating creations while discussing different emotional issues because it lightens the load. Life need not always be so serious. Hoping this brings you a little happiness today.
The snow wassett by Mel Cabre. A fearsome critter. Fearsome happiness.
Snow Wassett design by Mel Cabre

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snow wassett, a fearsome critter coloring page
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Wishing each and everyone of you a day full of fearsome happiness.

–T. S. Mart