How the Burdock Plant is Bio Inspired

The Burdock plant at Cryptid World. Bio inspiration, the Creator's Trademark

Bio Inspiration

The Burdock Plant is a fascinating creation that perfectly demonstrates bio inspiration. If you’ve ever been hiking through tall grass, you’ve probably encountered the Burdock plant and burs. Picking one or two off may seem like no sweat; however, when your dog or cat comes home with a bushy tail full of them, burs can seem quite bothersome. 

Despite its intimidating structure and menacing prickles, this plant inspired a design that has made shoe tying a breeze for the most innocent child.

In 1955, Velcro was patented for the creator, George de Mestral, who was inspired by the design of the bur when he studied the seed pocket. He discovered the plant was entirely made up of tiny hooks. This is the reason why they stick to clothing and hair so well.

Maybe it’ll be ironic the next time you find a bur on your clothes, knowing it inspired a multi-million dollar invention.

Or… maybe it’ll still be annoying.

The Creator’s Trademark

If you’ll allow me just a minute, I’m going to climb up on a soap box–not to rant–but to share from my heart. This won’t be for everyone and I respect that. It’s just how I see the world. So, here goes. It’s hard for me to look at nature and not be overwhelmed by the creativity, the complexity, and the synchronicity (maybe this isn’t the right word but it feels like it is). And when I say overwhelmed, I mean to truly loose my breath in the awe of it. I know I’m not alone. And there are people out there more passionate than I am. I believe there is a reason for it.

Hummingbird at Cryptid World, The Creator's Trademark
Without help…how could the flower grow to provide just what the bird needs?

Nature exists in an organized balance. Trees grow from seeds and drop new seeds. Some have tiny hooks that latch onto animals and are carried across the forest. (Or into your living room).

There’s a Bible Verse that says, 9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9.

If we knew everything God knew, our brains would explode. But how many secrets are out there? Secrets hidden in the plants and animals that may unlock an understanding that helps make our lives better? I have no idea and I’ll never be the person to discover them, but I can certainly appreciate the science and the creation.

While a thousand questions may arise from one plant or animal–like how does a bird recognize it’s own song? Read the article here–there is also an assurance that answers exist. There is an intelligent creator who understands all. No matter how insignificant we might feel.

If something so common and plain as a Burdock plant can be made with such intricate and valuable design, then how much more important are we–the most complex design on earth–with all our parts and systems and emotions and our conscience.

Songbird at Cryptid Worls, The Creator's Trademark

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Is there a part of creation that fascinates you?

Or a time when something so beautiful or captivating caused you catch your breath?

(like brown pelicans diving into the water at sunrise as tiny silver fish hop on the surface–feeding time; or a mother animal caring for her baby).

Mother-Daughter deer at Cryptid World, The Creator's Trademark.

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That’s all for today. Hope you have a wonder-filled Wednesday.

Tammy (writing as T. S. Mart)

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