Welcome to the New Cryptid World–A Reflection of Our Creator

Welcome to the new Cryptid World. This is not the post I had planned for today. Today’s post–essentially an introductory post–is the first on the new Cryptid World blog. It replaces what had previously been Cryptid World/Belied Outcast Legends on our other website. Two days ago, I wrote and scheduled a blog post on that site and it somehow disappeared into the cyber wasteland. I took that as a sign to move. We’re starting from scratch here because we changed domain names and web hosts. The old blog would not migrate. At least not to here… I want to thank those of you who continued on with us.

Who We Are…

We are a mother-daughter, writer-illustrator team whose common ground is found in story-telling and a love for nature, animals, and the strange world of cryptids. We share an office, our backs to one another, silently working most of the day. Until one of us mentions a random road-trip. Then we’re off legend tripping, visiting the zoo, or going to IKEA. Socially, we’re like Walt and Jessie from “Breaking Bad.” Or, more appropriately, Goofy and Max from “The Goofy Movie”. Depends on who you ask and the day, really.

Our goal is to bring you family-friendly, high-quality, cryptid related products (books, illustrations, coloring pages, swag, and in the near future, merch that showcases your favorite cryptids (Melcabre style). Like the Loch Ness Monster, the Pope Lick Monster (aka goatman), or the Loveland Frogman. Our first book, The Legend of Bigfoot: The Inside Story Behind America’s Favorite Cryptid comes out in the fall of 2020 from Indiana University Press. You can expect some fun items to crop up on our website as that time grows near. In the meantime, feel free to join our newsletter to keep tabs on the progress.

Mel Ayers

East State Penitentiary-Cryptid World-Mel Ayers
It was only a matter of time…

Daughter, illustrator, folklore expert, plotter extraordinaire, and writer of monster content–she loves the macabre, the strange. The more unique the better. She can draw anything, but don’t give her control when plotting a romance. She’s terrible with happily-ever-afters and will turn it into tragedy if left alone. Mel designed a freebie for all the cryptid-loving fans out there. It’s a booklet called “A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptozoology And Six Legendary American Cryptids.”

A Beginner's Guide to Cryptozoology And Six Legendary American Cryptids

This will soon be available in ezine format, but Mel made this version available for free to all newsletter subscribers. It’s a great way to own six exclusive creature designs by Mel. To see other creature designs you can visit her Instagram account @Melcabre2.

T. S. Mart

Fairy Stump-Cryptid World
Fairy Stump
T.S. Mart-Cryptid World

Me, the mom, the blogger, the writer, the “To-do-list-maker.” I’m the boring one who handles all the business stuff and does the actual writing after we’ve plotted or outlined together (with the exception of direct monster content). I enjoy the romance side of things, so most of our fiction will include romances. I also like nice cryptids like cabbits and creatures like fairies. Fairies are my favorite. I even maintain a fairy garden because you never know…. I’m a softie, so I also like to dive into deep emotional issues. I’ve taken these three aspects about myself (romance, fairies, deep emotional issues) and combined them into a novella titled, No Longer Alone. You can read about it here. Just scroll halfway down the page. It’s also free when you sign up for our newsletter. Here’s the book trailer.

Why Cryptids, Creatures, and Creation?

This is our tagline. These are the topics we found ourselves talking about even before we started writing together. As we began writing fiction that included cryptids, we wanted to make sure our creatures served a meaningful purpose–that they could actually exist in this world if designed by the creator. You’ll also find this is true for all of Mel’s creature designs. Nature and animals inspire us. We believe in a creator who designed all living things for a reason. We feel it’s important to reflect this in our creations. Want to see how we do it? Read Chapter One of No Longer Alone. The fairy serves a very important purpose.

In our Non-fiction, you’ll find objective content. You’ll find the story behind the story. History is important as it provides context to who we are today. It shows the road we traveled and helps us understand why we’re here and who we are. If we avoid making assumptions, facts set in the past will never lie. And when we ask the right questions, the past offers tips on where we should travel to next.

Tell us who you are–what is your first name? What is your favorite way to spend your down time?

Do you like cryptids and creatures?

How about history? What is your favorite time period?