An Unexpected Exploit

I’m popping in on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday to participate in the cover reveal for An Unexpected Exploit by Kandi Wyatt. Not only is Kandi one of my critique partners, but she wrote a book about Bigfoot! Yay! We do not have enough good, clean fiction about this mythological creature. I haven’t read it yet, but it’ll be at the top of my list when it comes out. Doesn’t matter if it is targeted for MG, I love Bigfoot. Now, let’s get to this gorgeous cover so we can discuss it.

Protect a mythical realm or his family?

An Unexpected Exploit by Kandi Wyatt
I’m blown away once again by this extraordinary cover design by:  Amalia Chitulescu

Story Blurb

Sixteen-year-old Franklin follows a Sasquatch through a portal to the realm of Shinwano and discovers a world full of mythical creatures he never expected to actually exist. Upon returning to Myrtle Beach, Oregon, he vows to protect the land, not realizing how difficult it will be to keep his promise, especially when a poacher, a NSA agent, and his friends are interested in the portal—and all for different reasons.

When the poacher threatens his family, Franklin must reconsider his vow to protect this new world to keep his family safe. The consequences of his decision reach further than just a rift in the space-time continuum.

Can Franklin live up to the trust placed on him and save this new world from an even greater danger?

That Bigfoot…

My eyes are bugging out of my head!! That Bigfoot is gorgeous! He looks curious doesn’t he? Like he thinking, “What is that funny looking two legged human doing in my world?” It makes me wonder what Bigfoot does in that portal world? Is he the protector of other creatures? Does he have a family? Is he friendly or violent? I haven’t critiqued An Unexpected Exploit, so I have no idea. But I plan to find out!

Bigfoot teaser

The Specs for An Unexpected Exploit

Mashup: “Harry and the Hendersons” meets “The Neverending Story” Word count: 70,254 Available here:

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If you like what you see, check out the two previous Myth Coast Adventures in this series. About the same word count as An Unexpected Exploit, they’re also for middle graders. The first book features a dragon and the second one a unicorn.

Myth Coast Adventure Series by Kandi Wyatt

About the Author

Kandi Wyatt, MG fantasy author

Even as a young girl, Kandi J Wyatt, had a knack for words. She loved to read them, even if it was on a shampoo bottle! By high school Kandi had learned to put words together on paper to create stories for those she loved. Nowadays, she writes for her kids, whether that’s her own five or the hundreds of students she’s been lucky to teach. When Kandi’s not spinning words to create stories, she’s using them to teach students about Spanish, life, and leadership.

Where to Find Kandi

Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Goodreads: Bookbub: Amazon:

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That wraps it up for Kandi’s cover reveal of An Unexpected Exploit. I’m going to go stare at it for awhile. If you like cryptid images, check out our Cryptid of the Month page. And for more creature designs, check out Mel’s instagram at Melcabre2 where she posts new creatures three times a week.

More Cryptid Resources for Kids

If you have a younger child. Check out this Bigfoot Picture Book or our free Cryptid Coloring Pages. A new coloring page will be added toward the end of this month. Fun stuff!!

If you came across a portal would you:

A. Immediately enter it? B. Tell the police? C. Go get your friends to enter it with you?

Hope you all have a great day!