Mongolian Death Worm

September Cryptid of the Month

Mongolian Death Worm. Cryptid Creature Design by Mel Ayers

Also known as the Olgoi-Khorkhoi, which means intestine worm, the Mongolian Death Worm possesses a very modest design. However, its unique abilities make him seem more like a terrorizing beast from the underworld than an over-sized worm.

At nearly five-feet long, this aggressive cryptid has a large round mouth with several rows of sharp teeth and an ability to spit acidic secretion on its victims. Spitting venom, or any kind of substance, on an opposing threat is not uncommon in the animal world. The Mongolian Death Worm also has the ability to emit and electrical shock. The double force of venom spitting and electric shock results in a very painful death. Here I thought wandering in the desolate expanse of the Gobi the desert was bad enough. 

Fact or Fiction

The Mongolian people believe the Death Worm is a real creature and not a carry-over from mythology. Witnesses report seeing the giant worm from a distance but have no evidence. The worm is said to burrow deep and hibernate for ten months out of the year. During the months of June and July it tunnels through the hard earth and emerges to prey on anything in its path, including humans. Desert explorers watch for shifting sands to try and detect the creature’s presence. Either they’ve high-tailed it out of the area before they saw one or lost their lives in an attempt to prove its existence.

If you’d like to read a more analytical view on the Mongolian Death Worm, check out what Live Science has to say. Or, if you prefer, have a look at this video and imagine what it would be like if you ran into this monster out in the wilderness….

Just look out for the corrosive goo…

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