Lament: Banshee Song Series Book Two – A Review

Lament: Banshee Song Series Book Two. First off, isn’t this sparkling, frosty cover gorgeous? And look closely at Caoine’s eyes. You’ll need to remember that. Well, maybe not, her boyfriend gives us a reminder or two. He’s somewhat fascinated with them.


Imagine being seventeen and tasked with the responsibility of ushering human souls from earth to eternity? Well, that’s what Book One was about. In Keen, Caoine learned to accept her curse as a gift. Now, in Lament, Caoine is challenged further after she is pulled into the Unseelie Realm–land of the dark and untrustworthy fairies. Her song isn’t needed in this place. Caoine isn’t sure why they want her, but she knows she must escape before the Unseelie King uses her to do something bad.

I was curious how this fairy world was going to play out given there are so many fairy, hobbit, and elfish stories out there, but Ms. Zimmerman did a great job. In Lament, we’re introduced to a colorful cast of well developed characters with a variety of special gifts.

Ms. Zimmerman shows Caoine battling the elements in her escape as she encounters one frightening creature after another. Using some favorite fairy tropes as well as many unique characteristics that are comical and frightening, we’re given a well-rounded and in depth look at the Unseelie realm. On one hand, we get this feeling that not all is right with this realm…

Excerpts from Lament

“Eric’s fingers wrap like spider webs around my shoulders, guide me into the deep, dark woods. I despise his closeness…”


But not all is bad either…

Red flushes across Eric’s cheeks, and I know he’s about to do something

he’ll regret.

“I believe him.” My heart pounds against my ribcage.

“Why, human?” Gar’s voice is gruff but echoes the look reflected on each of the faerie’s faces.

“Because . . .” I nibble on my lip. “Because he had every chance to hand me over, to give me to his father, but he didn’t. He saved me. More than once, actually.”

Lament by Laura L. Zimmerman

I was especially touched by Caoine’s inner conflict as she battled a desire to stay loyal to her deceased father while fighting a need to forgive the boy who killed him. Her internal struggle is real and multifaceted, making her an enjoyable character to root for.

Quote from Lament by Laura L. Zimmerman

If you like YA fantasy with colorful settings, fairies, positive vibes, and some romance, you’ll like Lament. The book is well-written, fast paced, and an easy read. While I was provided a copy of the book by the publisher for this review, the opinions and comments are my own. I very much enjoyed the book and purchased a hard copy to keep and reread.

Lament Back Cover Blurb:

Half-fae banshee, Caoine, is devastated by the loss of her father, and graduation is just around the corner. Ignorant of an old enemy seeking revenge, she is whisked away to the Unseelie Realm where she learns someone dear to her is being held captive. She vows not to go home until he’s free.

Then she finds out she’s trapped, unable to return to the human realm.

In order to go home, she must set aside old prejudices and work with a nemesis to survive faerie tricks and fae creatures hungry for human blood. Only then will she discover the secret to her escape and her loved one’s freedom.

Aided by an unlikely band of fae, she uncovers more about her banshee powers than she dreamed possible, even as the fae remind her just how human she really is.

She’ll take the drama of high school over the pettiness of the fae any day.

If you haven’t read Keen, Book One, in the Banshee Song Series, no worries. Ms. Zimmerman does a good job filling in enough detail so the story works as a stand-alone. It also varies enough in character and detail that you can go back and read Keen without too many spoilers.

Lament and Keen Author Information and Buyer Links

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Storyteller. Wife. Mother. Homeschooler. Follower of Christ.
I spend my days teaching, studying, creating, praying, singing, and lovingly applying band-aids.
Some of my favorite things are coffee, yoga, reading, and laughing.
You can find me hanging at a coffee shop with a friend, learning to cook a new vegetarian meal, or watching the latest episode of “Supernatural”.

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy Lament as much as I did.