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Keep Your Toilet Paper Close and Your Hope Closer

As a world unit we are facing one of our greatest challenges. Being selfless. Isn’t it peculiar how microscopic particles can cause such catastrophe in a person’s life? And it’s hard to blame something invisible.

Nature can be beautiful, but it can also bring out the ugly side of humans. It’s always frustrating when we plan a trip but have to cancel because the roads are bad. Or we miss our favorite TV show because of breaking news or a weather report for a different part of the state.

We’ve really forgotten that nature is out of our control and that is a big weakness for humans.
Nature and stress. Hope

After a few months of being apart, my husband and I were looking forward to a visit in April. We had plans to start the visa process, learn how to play this new board game we bought, cook an Easter dinner for everyone, and enjoy the Spring weather together–although Winter is taking its time anyway. But his flight was canceled. I had a feeling that was going to happen, but I still had hoped maybe the UK flights would be allowed. I cried of course, and I asked my husband what we could do make this time worthwhile. He said there’s nothing we can do but wait.


I allowed myself to be mad, sad, and wonder if my life as a married woman would ever begin. When my emotional outburst didn’t make the virus die off, I told myself we were not the only ones affected. Everyone is experiencing frustrations like learning how to work from home, canceling vacation plans, and even pushing back wedding dates (this one really breaks my heart). I remember the fears that maybe something would go wrong and I would’ve missed marrying Antoine.

Hopes and dreams are treasure to my livelihood. They’re entwined with a spirit that only a horrible inconvenience can sabotage. Stress and anxiety come easy, but looking beyond myself to see how other people cope, and recognizing that I’m not alone, encourages me to push through the hardship. Some people cope by hoarding toilet paper…and some cope by looking at this time as an opportunity to learn patience and how to adapt in unlikely circumstances.

Compassion for others, cryptid world. Hope. Waiting.

I’m learning that compassion for others opens our hearts to dwell on positive thoughts, and positivity is what we need during this time when all we can do is wait.

How has this virus disrupted your life?

How are you coping?

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