A Bunch of Grunches – Cryptid Catch Up #2

This week we’re adding a “bunch of Grunches” as we continue to play catch up on Cryptid World. Mel keeps adding new digital designs to the Cryptid World Instagram account faster than I can put them on the website.

Actually, I’m just a procrastinator. I love to blog, but finding the time isn’t always easy. But enough with the excuses and on to this fierce creature that Mel has managed to make look slightly adorable. Of course, that’s Mel’s depiction and we hold to the disclaimer that this is an artists interpretation of a creature that may or may not exist. If you check out the Google Images data base, you’ll see not all designs of the Grunch are of the adorable-sort, but they’re all fascinating interpretations.

What is a Grunch?

The Grunch is thought to be a Chupacabra-type creature found at the swampy end of Grunch Road in a remote area of Eastern New Orleans.

Other Grunch Characteristics
  • Goat-like with humanoid features
  • Opposable thumbs
  • 3-4 feet tall
  • High-pitch scream
  • Leathery or scaly, gray-black skin with sharp quills on its back.
  • Glowing red-orange or blue-green eyes
  • Sucks the blood, and organs, from animals through a single hole
  • May have supernatural abilities

The Grunch Legend

There are three common origin stories that I would love to explore more because I’m certain each stems from a truth with significant historical ties.

  1. Some believe a  group of misfits and grossly deformed people were forced to live, as outcasts, in a remote area of the swamp. Over time, the people morphed into monstrous creatures who fed on livestock and even humans.
  2. Others suggest the Grunch are devil worshippers who sold their souls to the devil and sacrificed goats in exchange for protection.
  3. Another legend states Marie Laveau, a Voodoo priestess, created a Grunch when she tried to kill a devil baby. You can read more about this version at Mysterious Universe or on Exemplore. Most of the internet articles are similar but these are two of the more intriguing and comprehensive.

Modern Day Sightings of Grunches

I haven’t seen any newspaper clippings or reports on modern day sightings, just websites that state in 2005, some folks in Eastern Louisiana reported over-sized mangy creatures raiding trash cans. Even more recent, a woman reported seeing a Grunch eating her neighbor’s dog. While its thought sightings have stemmed as far back as the 1800s, I haven’t found any recorded stories on the internet. It’d be interesting to explore the diaries of Marie Laveau or early settlers. New Orleans is notable for it’s blood-sucking creatures, and each of the above legends is rooted in some truth. For now it doesn’t appear there is much to suggest the Grunch is anything more than a Chupacabra-type cryptid, if that. Regardless, I’d advise caution while exploring the swamps around New Orleans. Who knows what lurks in the shadows. Could be nothing more than an overactive imagination or it could just be a bunch of Grunches.

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-T.S. Mart and Mel Cabre