Back in the Groove

Here are a few informal tips on how to get back into the groove of work and life as quickly as possible after vacation.

Laziness is not an option until the bags are unpacked.

Vacation, suitcase, unpack

This is a must. When you arrive home, weary and worn, start the laundry and unpack those bags. If you don’t do it right away, it may run on for days. You’re already tired, just do it! I promise you’ll feel better the next morning.

I have been out of the office since last Wednesday. Now I’m playing catch up. Vacations take on various meanings these days, don’t they? It’s not like the family loads up and takes off for a week-long retreat of r & r (okay, a few of you do and I’m slightly envious, but I’m happy for you). Nowadays, my vacations are combined with must-do responsibilities.

Months ago, Mel planned to visit her husband (in England), flying out of Chicago on October 7th. We decided to make it a mother-daughter weekend, a last hurrah, which was fun, but wouldn’t have otherwise been in the schedule. It came at a very busy time for both of us.

Mel’s face–mustard just squirted out of her hot dog onto her pants, shirt, and coat.

Mel is in the middle of #cryptober2019 on IG and I’m in the middle of putting together one of our best-ever-newsletters to celebrate the one-year anniversary. Along with this is one of our largest giveaways to date. It’s exciting and I want to do it right, but when I sat down here this morning, I had no idea where to start. So, I decided to clear my thoughts.

Writing and Making Lists

Making lists is my favorite things to do. My to do lists are ongoing, kept on my phone, one day rolling into another, always updated. So, I shouldn’t feel out of sorts. I should know exactly what I need to do. But getting started after vacation is the equivalent of starting a car after it’s sat for days without running. My motivation is lacking and my accountability partner just flew 4,000 miles away. So, I thought writing on this blog might help hold me accountable and get me back in the groove.

The first thing I want to do is remind everyone of the awesome giveaway we have going on. Details can be found here.

You have until the 15th of October to sign up. Ah, yes, this reminds me to send an email to the mailing list. (Added to my list). If you aren’t on our mailing list (newsletter), then please consider joining us. Content changes from month to month with articles about cryptids and fascinating creations as well as new digital artwork by Mel. You can read more about the giveaway here. The posters Mel created (18 x 24) just arrived last night, and they are GORGEOUS! I’ll send a picture along with the update to mailing list. So, if you want to be among the first to see what you could possibly win, sign up today.

We’ll make a limited number available for sale to subscribers, but I’m pretty sure these posters will also be for sale once we add a store to the website. That is on the near-future goals list.

Permission to Adjust

Part of my problem today is that dizzying feeling you get when too many things change at once. This happened when I first moved to China. I would stand in a room and just spin in a circle, unsure what to do next. On a small scale I feel that way now. Acknowledging what is happening helps me understand that I need a couple days to adjust. There’s no way around it. The mind–my mind–has to have time to acclimate, and that’s okay. I may want to work and be productive, but I also need to give myself permission to struggle for a couple days until the dust settles and I know what end is up.

rat race, after vacation

This rambling blog has been helpful to me. Thank you for tolerating my need to write and organize my thoughts. I’ve already sent off a couple messages and emails while writing this, so it’s definitely stirred up the juices. As I go forward with limited expectations for today, I’ll count my blessings and encourage others where I can. A productive day is one filled with gratitude and generosity. I wish this for you during the rest of your day.

How do you get back into the groove after vacation?