Cryptober 2019

31 days of Cryptids

Cryptober 2019, 31 days of cryptids for creature designers and cryptid fans.

I’m so excited for Cryptober 2019 to take place on Instagram. As many of you know, Mel draws all of the cryptids around here, and she’s pretty good. Her creature designs will be featured in our upcoming books. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s the reason we got the writing gig in the first place. I can write, but her artwork is stellar. Enough said from her mother. *Laughing* (Hey, what are moms for if not to be your #1 fan). But I’m more than a fan. I’m a business partner. So, I suggested we throw out a blog, announcing this creature prompt list and see if we can’t reach artists and creature designers who might like to participate. All experience levels are welcome.

For Artists and Cryptid Fans

Cryptober 2019 is not just for artists to enjoy. Yes, they will be doing the work, but as fans, we get to enjoy the variety of creature designs posted each day. If you are following @Melcabre2 and you send her your post before 12:00 P. M. (EST) of that day, she’ll post it along with her own (first come, first served). That could potentially be up to 10 variations of the same cryptid! How fun is that? I cannot wait to see how others perceive these creatures.

If you’d like to participate, all you need to do is go to @Melcabre2 and read her instructions. Be sure to use #Cryptober2019 when posting. The most important thing is to get started drawing now. And have fun being as spooky, funny, or as dramatic as you want.

While you’re here at Cryptid World, we invite you to have a look around. You can find more of Mel’s artwork on the Cryptid’s of the Month page and her Cryptid Coloring Pages.

Thank you for stopping by, and please share this post with anyone you think might enjoy participating.