Exciting News!

Mel Cabre, our resident creature designer, has some exciting news to share! Today she launched her very first post on Patreon. Mel has been working on content for several months, and I have to say I’m quite impressed with her world-building skills. She has integrated meaningful detail right down to the designs on her human character’s clothing.

Mel Cabre Patreon Creature Design

Per her usual, Mel Cabre designed all her creatures with purpose. Each one performs a meaningful task, influenced by the good and bad that exists in the world.

This past year, she posted approximately 150 creature-designs from her (yet to be named) world on Instagram at Melcabre2. Consistent posts and interaction have helped her gain over ten thousand followers just this year. Not bad for a little nobody.

Not a Little Nobody

But as interest in her creatures continues to grow, Mel is not a little nobody. She’s on a mission to share high quality content appropriate for everyone that’s entertaining in a unique way. And let me tell you, she’s gifted when it comes to interacting with other young, aspiring artists. I’m always amazed by the number of people who play her games and participate in creature-designing exercises.

“Creature design allows me to utilize and make sense of the good and bad found in our world. I hope my creations inspire people to feel like life is copable.”

Patreon is a platform that will allow her to continue to create and share in a way that is affordable. Trust me, this exclusive content is worth $3.00. If you haven’t already, check her out on Instagram at Melcabre2. If you want to see her cryptid designs, check out her cryptid page here, and if you’d like to subscribe to her patreon, click here and search for Mel Cabre. You have to create a patreon account, but it’s free and easy. I just signed in with my google email. That’s it.

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