Book Launch Party Date Change

“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

Slight change. The book release date was pushed back to October 20, 2020, so Mel and I decided to change the book launch party as well. Sorry for the back to back blog posts. Just trying to get the word out there before the previous party invite gathers too much traction. Although I did change the date there as well.

The Legend of Bigfoot Party, Cryptid World, T. S. Mart, Mel Cabre

For complete details on the party, the games, prizes, etc. please see last week’s blog post. It’s going to be a lot fun, I hope you’ll join us. Click here to be taken to the Facebook event page.

The Legend of Bigfoot: Leaving His Mark On the World, T. S. Mart & Mel Cabre

The Legend of Bigfoot is still available for preorder here or wherever books are sold.

The Legend of Bigfoot is the definitive starter book for all the Bigfoot Enthusiasts who inspire to make the leap to Bigfoot Expert. Through this narrative, we learn how closely Bigfoot is tied to our own cultural identity and how the mystery of this great cryptid could help us uncover the secrets of humankind. Through the history of Bigfoot, we learn what it means to be human.”

Devin Shepherd, Director, Wild Obscura Films and Cryptids podcast