The Great Bigfoot Search Adventure Game

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The Great Bigfoot Search Adventure Game is a fill-in-the-blank/choose your own adventure game for any number of players. Play using the prompts below with friends, family, or on your own. Then fill in the blanks on the final slide. You have permission to print, download, or adapt to suit your needs.

Story Set-up:

The BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) has noticed an influx of credible Bigfoot Sightings throughout North America. The investigators have their hands full in a couple localized areas and they need your help to reach the more remote places. You’ve been sought out for your special skill. Will you join the team? In return, you will be paid in notoriety and possibly become the first person to gather undisputable proof that Bigfoot exists. If you accept this adventure, grab a pencil and paper, number it 1 through 9, and continue on to the first prompt. Have fun and good luck!

Cryptid World Bigfoot Game by T. S. Mart

In The Legend of Bigfoot, we focus on five major Bigfoot territories. To spread out in the Great Bigfoot Search, you will be assigned to one of the five territories. In addition, you are being assigned an assistant. Many of these experts were helpful as we wrote The Legend of Bigfoot. Follow the directions on the images to find out who your assistant will be (#1) and to where you will be traveling (#2). Record them on your paper. (If you would like to read more about your assistant, you can find that info. here).

Your Bigfoot expert assistant is:
Bigfoot experts
You will be traveling to:
choose your own adventure

You were chosen for this expedition because of your special skill. Follow the prompt to discover what this is.

Bigfoot social media game

To help with the search, each participant has been given a tent along with a pack filled with food, a camera, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and an evidence collection kit. In addition, you have been given one tool to compliment your skill set. Answer the question to determine which tool you will receive.

Social Media prompt

You and your assistant traveled to your destination. On your first night, this happened…

Social Media Game

The next morning the sun is shining and it’s a new day. You and your assistant eat a good breakfast that includes your favorite vegetable. Throughout the day, you find evidence of footprints, hair, and scat. You’re on the right trail, but then your assistant…

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, game

You lose time but aren’t deterred because you and your assistant find more evidence and know you’re on the right trail. That night, it’s a full moon. You set out nuts, fruit, and just in case, a strip of beef jerky. Then you position yourself behind a bush, and wait… and wait… Half the night passes. Just as you are about to nod off, the trees move. Then Bigfoot steps into the moonlight and eats the food. You get a good glimpse.

Bigfoot looks…
Bigfoot, Sasquatch

Slowly, you lift your camera and snap a picture. Bigfoot…

Cryptid World

Your weekend in the wilderness has proved eventful, and you’re about to call it a success, but then this happens.

Cryptid World
Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of The Great Bigfoot Search Adventure Game.

Read the beginning of the story on picture #10 and then continue to fill in the blanks on the next picture. We hope the journey was worth your time even if you might not have fared so well on the trail.

Fill in the blank