The Owlman of Cornwall

The October Cryptid of the Month is the Owlman of Cornwall, England. Fitting for the month of October.

The Owlman of Cornwall
Designed by Mel Cabre.

Since 1976, people in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall have been reporting sights of a man-sized owl creature in the forests surrounding a nearby church. This five-foot tall humanoid is consistently described with red eyes and long talons. Its feathers contain a mix of color, ranging from brown to grey.

Based on the majority of eye-witnesses, the Owlman enjoys revealing itself to young women. While he isn’t aggressive, some believe he is territorial since the encounters take place around the same church. Either scenario, next time you’re in the area keep your eyes to the sky and you might just see something.

Creature Designer Notes:

I ran into no difficulty with the design of the Owlman since the descriptions of the cryptid are pretty simplistic and overall consistent. As I mentioned above the Owlman doesn’t appear to be aggressive; therefore, I felt no need to make the cryptid fearsome looking. Owls are pretty secluded and peaceful animals, so, I wanted to capture that essence in my design. I chose to give him legs like a primate instead of a long ankle or backwards knee like a bird has because this makes him more humanoid. If I were to give him all the bird qualities…the creature design would simply be an owl, and that’s not the goal. With legs similar to an ape, the Owlman stands apart from the norm and brings an unusual and unsettling appearance.

Love Owls?

We do, so we just had to share more about their super powers and some graphics Mel whipped out for the article. This content appeared first in our newsletter as bonus content since it was an anniversary issue.

Owls designed by Mel Cabre, creature designer.
Some fun images by Mel Cabre

Nature’s Super Creature

Across the globe, from the arctic to the desert, exist approximately 240 species of owls, nature’s super creature. Owls live on every continent except Antarctica. Each species has diversely adapted to its own environment, but overall, its design has stayed the same, each with three major super powers.

Super Vision

The eyes of the owl are extraordinarily large. For some species, the eye sockets take up 70% of the skull. The purpose for large eyes is to take in as much light as possible. Extremely sensitive to low light, owl eyes can spot detail that other birds and animals cannot.

Super Sonic Hearing

With hearing perception ten times more sensitive than the average human, every aspect of the owl’s head is designed for hearing. The round shape and conical face resemble a satellite dish. Owls have a circumference of stiff feathers bordering the face. These feathers help direct sound to the ears, which are buried beneath layers of feathers. Speaking of ears… on some owl species, one ear hole is higher than the other. This allows the owl to measure the distance and direction of its target.

Super Stealth

Owls stalk their prey, so they must be very quiet. Lucky for them, their body and wings are structured in a way that allows for total silence. When air moves, it makes sound—the more a bird moves its wings, the more noise it creates. With the owl having such large wings and a small body, wing movement is much less and slower. And then there is the fact owls have specific feathers with sound reducing qualities as noted in the Creator’s Trademark. (If you’d like to read this article about the owl’s unique design, please sign up for our free newsletter, and I’ll make sure you get it).

Owls are unique with a sophisticated design, but the bird isn’t perfect. In nearly every biome in which the owl lives, it rains. When it rains, the owl loses its ability to hear, see, and fly well. The great qualities that make this animal a super-hunter are diminished. Owls not only look miserable drenched, but they must feel miserable, too.

I suppose every super-being has its weakness.

wet owl
Photo credit: Michael Ninger. Used under Shutterstock Standard Licensing Agreement.

The Owlman of Cornwall Coloring Picture

Owlman Coloring page on Cryptid World designed by Mel Cabre
The Owlman of Cornwall Coloring Page designed by Mel Cabre

This coloring page is free. You can download the Owlman of Cornwall from here. As always, if you have any trouble with downloads or viewing images, please feel free to contact us.

Are you familiar with the Owlman of Cornwall?

What is your favorite kind of owl?

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