Mel Cabre Creature Designs

Mel built her own website awhile back. It’s called Mel Cabre Creature Designs. Just look at this picture. It’s only a blip of the actual content she has available for free. Over 18 unique biomes, featuring their own creatures and humans.

Mel Cabre Creature Designs
copyright 2020 by Mel Cabre

I can attest to the hours of work she put into this. Such a perfectionist, and she has so many more fun ideas on the horizon. If you’d like to see your creature come to life, you can view her commissions gallery where she lists out all of her details. You can also view her Instagram account and follow her for all the latest details on Mel Cabre Creature Designs. She still has a winter creature sale happening. You can find all the details here.

As resident artist at Cryptid World, you can find Mel’s work plastered all over the place, but individual cryptid designs can be found here. Check back frequently because I’m always adding new stuff. Lots of fun free stuff this holiday season. All without leaving your home.


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