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We started working on Cryptid World three years ago. These slides are a compilation of our legend tripping and research experiences. I’m sure I’ll be adding more in the future as I become better acquainted with sliders. They’re fun but time consuming, like scrap booking.

Like many people, we love to travel. A stay a the beach is fine, but we especially enjoy research trips where we can apply the knowledge we take in. Putting it all in a book makes the trip feel like it lasts longer. You’ll see some New Jersey Pine Barrens pictures from when we did a little legend tripping and researching about the Jersey Devil. One of our fictional stories features the Jersey Devil. He’ll also fill a a chunk of our Non-fiction book, Sky Monsters. Notice I said ‘he will’ because I’m in throws of writing the book.

The Pope Lick Train Trestle was a whimsical stop as we passed through Louisville on our way somewhere else. Mel and I stood beneath the tracks and reminisced about the lives lost there and what people might have been thinking about when they endanger themselves. You can read the blog post here. There are also a couple pictures from when we spent a day in Loveland, Ohio to check out the Frogman’s hometown.

We have some photos from the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, held at Salt Fork State Park–a favorite Bigfoot hangout. Unfortunately, they’re all indoors because of the weather.

We included a couple photos of East State Penitentiary in Philadelphia (supposedly its haunted). I highly recommend a visit here if you’re in Philly. Take the audio tour. The history is fabulous. Philadelphia was one of our favorite destination. More Jersey Devil research.

The rest of the images are Mel’s digital drawings, creatures and animals we find fascinating, some profiles, and our Cryptid World cat–Esmi. If you’ve been to one of these locations, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your stories.

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