Johnny Appleseed and the Albatwitch

In Honor of Johnny Appleseed and all ye who love a good cryptid tale.
Johnny Appleseed, the Albatwitch, Apples.
Johnny Appleseed and the cryptid known as the Albatwitch, the apple snitch.

As I was planning March’s social media schedule and which illustrations to post on what days, I unknowingly planned to publish this obscure cryptid on March 11th, Johnny Appleseed Day. I knew nothing about the Albatwitch, but when I started researching it, I learned the cryptid shares common ground with Johnny Appleseed…like actual common ground…they both did major work in Pennsylvania. However, one of them shares apples while the other one steals them.

Johnny Appleseed

If you grew up and went to school in the Midwest, you’ve heard of Johnny Appleseed. He’s the guy who walked barefoot across the countryside with a sauce pan on his head, right? Precisely. 

As I grew older, the story of Johnny Appleseed faded into nothing more than a a folktale, until the day I discovered the Albatwitch, one of the lesser known cryptids.

Born in 1774, Johnny Appleseed was originally known as John Chapman. He was an American pioneer nurseryman and missionary known for bringing the gift of apple trees to many of the Midwestern states.

Johnny loved the nomadic lifestyle, so at the age of 18, he and his younger brother traveled west. When he met Mr. Crawford, an apple farmer in Ohio, Johnny found his true calling. He settled just long enough to serve an apprenticeship and become a successful orchardist.

With a love for nature and its Creator, Johnny set out on his own once again, stopping periodically to pick up apple seeds from cider mills. He journeyed miles on end to share his knowledge with anyone willing to listen.

If you’d like to read more about Johnny Appleseed, check out this article from History Daily.

The Albatwitch

Now, as for the critter designated with the name the Albatwitch.

This smaller, lesser known cryptid is thought to be a small version of Bigfoot and can climb trees. It’s often accused of being mischievous and rowdy. The Albatwitch is mostly spotted near Chickies Rock, an outcropping in Lancaster, Pennsylvania overlooking the Susquehanna River. This little guy reportedly steals apples from picnic areas, eats a few, and throws the rest at people!

Should we blame Johnny Appleseed for this behavior?

“Remember Johnny Appleseed, All ye who love the apple…” – William H. Venable.

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5 Replies to “Johnny Appleseed and the Albatwitch”

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  2. What an interesting concept. Sightings of the Albatwitch go back 400-500 years ago. In the 1800’s the Albawitch got their apple stealing reputation by coming down from the trees and stealing apples from people having picnics at Chickies Rock. Johnny Apple seed went on this apple planting adventure in the early 1800’s. The two just may have crossed paths.

  3. I’ve never heard of the Albatwitch but I definitely remember learning about Johnny Appleseed. When we were growing up, we had a book series called the ValueTales. Each one told the story of an important historical figure, usually starting when they were children, along with a little imaginary friend of theirs, focusing on a particular value in each person. I wish they would get republished as they did a fantastic job teaching children history.

    I found the Johnny Appleseed one on Amazon which was about the value of love:

    Closing quote: “The frontier days are over now, and unless you plan to plant apple trees on the moon, you can’t do exactly what Johnny did. But you can think about your own life and about the people you love. You may want to find a way to show that love, and perhaps to be more loving to more people. If you do, chances are that your love will be returned. And when you give love and receive it, you may find that you’re a happier person. Just like our good friend, Johnny Appleseed.”

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