J’ba fofi

Cryptid In the Congo

creature design by Mel Cabre
designed by Mel Cabre

This monster-creature is said to inhabit the forests of Congo and Cameroon. The Baka people of Cameroon say it has a hairy, tarantula like body about three feet across with legs nearing four feet in length. Locals describe the creature as brown in color with a purple mark on the abdomen. They feast on birds and small game. To catch prey, the spiders spin a circular web between trees.

When creating a shelter, the J’ba fofi supposedly weave leaves into the shape of a traditional pygmy hut. They lay peanut-sized eggs in clusters. Locals kill the spider-creature if it nests too close to the village because their large fangs cause quite an irritable bite. While they’re poisonous, the J’ba fofi’s bite rarely kills people.

This cryptid gained the western world’s attention when, in 1938, British Explorer R. K. Lloyd and his wife traveled into the Congo jungles while on their honeymoon. As they were driving down a remote stretch of road, a unique creature crawled out in front of them. Inching closer, they realized it was a giant spider. Before they could take a picture, the creature scurried back into the forest.

I wonder why they didn’t follow?

j'ba fofi cryptid