Does Bigfoot have Large Ears?

Does Bigfoot Have Big Ears? Cryptid World. World Mental Health Ears.

Does Bigfoot have large ears? I think that’s a reasonable question. Okay, raise your hand if you think that was click bait, and I wasted your time by asking that question? Moot point, if you think that then you’ve probably scrolled by this post already.

But if you’ve made it to this paragraph, then you understand the danger in asking “out of the norm” questions? Or, you’re a person who really wants to ask a crazy question but you avoid it, knowing you risk the wrath of those around you who don’t have time to muddle in the mundanity of your life. Or, you have previously asked a seemingly silly question, and people scrolled past you like most did this post.

Nothing makes a person feel more inconsequential than being ignored or treated like a burden. And if you grew up in a house where you were neglected or the expectations of others dictated your life, then you get it. You recognize the disparaging eye roll even before a person moves their eyes because you suddenly feel very small in their presence.

photo by Javier Brosch. Used with permission under Shutterstock standard licensing.

You react…

You feel belittled, angry, flippant, disgusted, rejected, frustrated

And that determines what happens next…

Listen with your heart. Cryptid World. World Mental Health Day.

The best gift you can give yourself is to drop the expectation you place on yourself and others. The only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself. Why did I ask if Bigfoot has large ears? I had valid a reason … that’s all that matters, regardless of how others perceive it.

World Mental Health Day
Listen like a heart with ears. Cryptid World.

Today is world mental health day. The greatest gift you can give someone who is hurting is to listen with your heart. No expectations, no judgement. Just listen. If someone asks you a stupid question, understand the risk they are taking. Tread lightly so they don’t ‘feel’ your eye-roll.

Image by Fabio Berti. Used with permission under Shutterstock standard licensing. Color altered from original.

And for you Bigfoot fans out there, the reason I asked this question was because I thought the heart with ears picture was in our upcoming book. When I went to look for it, I remembered it didn’t make the final cut. But since I had the book in hand, I glanced at the different Bigfoot designs Mel drew based on eyewitness reports, wondering if Bigfoot had big ears. And the answer is, it depends….

If you’d like to know about our Bigfoot writing journey, check out the Legend of Bigfoot Origins or pre order the book where ever books are sold. You can read an excerpt here or join our newsletter for updates and cryptid/creature/creation related news.

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