Death Warden-YA Book Release

By C. J. Stilling

A teenage assassin. An impossible choice. The fate of everything hangs in the balance.

And when he says everything, he isn’t joking. I received an early copy of Death Warden and was blown away by Stilling’s creativity. His vivid and fast-paced writing pulled me into Reen’s fantastical world. I felt like I was walking, er…running alongside her the entire time.

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Reen travels rooftop to rooftop, hanging in the shadows of chimneys and other buildings, and she never goes anywhere without her knives. Talk about your strong females…physically and morally. Which is why her world becomes confusing when she’s chosen to be an assassin. Reen doesn’t want to kill, but if she doesn’t…. Reen is likable and possesses a clear goal, but being a teenager in any world comes with trials.

C. J. Stilling Death Warden

Death Warden Back Cover Copy

Sixteen-year-old Reen swore she’d never take another life. Divinely selected to assassinate a few in order to save many, she learned to jump from shadow to shadow and claim her victims without question… until she was ordered to kill the boy she loved. But when an ancient plague returns threatening to infect everyone she knows, she is forced to resume her deadly duties.

Battling a disease that turns people into nightmarish monsters, Reen must track down and terminate those responsible before the city falls and the evil spreads beyond its borders. But the closer she gets to the source, the more she uncovers sinister secrets that will shake the foundations of her world and everything she believes.

Can Reen defend her realm without losing her soul?

Death Warden is an exhilarating YA fantasy. If you like strong heroines, compelling magic, and dark secrets, then you’ll love C.J. Stilling’s imaginative tale.

You can purchase Death Warden here.

A word of caution

While Death Warden is suitable for 14+ audience and carries a positive message, I would be hesitant to allow younger children to read this due to violence and gore.

About C.J. Stilling

(I copied his bio from Amazon. When you hop over to buy the book, give him a follow. I know there are more great books coming).

I have a PhD in immunology, a background in artificial intelligence, and an ongoing war with my son for high scores in classic arcade games. In my spare time, I like watching sappy Japanese anime with my daughter and spending time with my amazing wife who is patient enough to put up with all this stuff.

Where you can find him

Most of the books we talk about at Cryptid World are Cryptid related. This one is not, but there are celestial beings. Does that count? C. J. Stilling is one of my critique partners and this book is worthy of the shout out. I did receive an advanced copy but that had no bearing on my recommendation. Read it. You’ll thank me. Also, consider joining his newsletter. There are more great books to come.

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