The Owlman of Cornwall

Creature design by Mel Cabre of the Owlman of Cornwall.

Since 1976, people in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall have been reporting sights of a man-sized owl creature in the forests surrounding a nearby church. This five-foot tall humanoid is consistently described with red eyes and long talons. Its feathers contain a mix of color, ranging from brown to grey.

Based on the majority of eye-witnesses, the Owlman enjoys revealing itself to young women. While he isn’t aggressive, some believe he is territorial since the encounters take place around the same church. Either scenario, next time you’re in the area keep your eyes to the sky and you might just see something.

Creature Designer Notes

I ran into no difficulty with the creature design of the Owlman of Cornwall since the descriptions of the cryptid are pretty simplistic and overall consistent. As I mentioned above the Owlman doesn’t appear to be aggressive; therefore, I felt no need to make the cryptid fearsome looking. Owls are pretty secluded and peaceful animals, so, I wanted to capture that essence in my design. I chose to give him legs like a primate instead of a long ankle or backwards knee like a bird has because this makes him more humanoid. If I were to give him all the bird qualities…the creature design would simply be an owl, and that’s not the goal. With legs similar to an ape, the Owlman stands apart from the norm and brings an unusual and unsettling appearance.


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