The Ogopogo

Ogopogo Creature Design by Mel Ayers
Mel Ayers, digital artist
The Ogopogo, Creature Design, Mel Ayers, Digital Artists
by Mel Ayers

Deep in the underwater tunnels and underground lakes of the Okanagan valley in British Columbia survives a beast called the Ogopogo. Many eye witnesses report seeing this creature in the attached Okanagan Lake. The Ogopogo is consistently described as 40-50 feet long (12-15 meters), has a narrow build, and is dark in color with varying shades of green, brown, and black. Witnesses describe serrations running down its back. Some have reported seeing a mane on its neck.

Sightings began with the Okanakane people, who called the beast Naitakas, which means “great beast of the lake”. They documented their sightings by painting on rocks before the mid-1800s. When the white settlers came to the area and witnessed the monster, they coined the term Ogopogo. In 1926, the Ogopogo sightings found their way into the papers. This was seven years before The Loch Ness Monster—Nessie—made her debut.

In the Ogopogo creature design I combined an eel and the basic structure of a pinniped (aquatic carnivorous mammal).

If you’d like to read more on the Ogopogo, check out Arlene Gaal’s books. There is also an excellent article at Genesis Park, giving a more historical details.