The Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil, Mel Cabre, Cryptid World
Design by Mel Cabre

Folklore surrounding the Jersey Devil–America’s original cryptid–dates back over 250 years. Historical evidence point toward Daniel Leeds as the source of origin. A Quaker and barrel maker who emigrated to America in 1677, Leeds instigated disharmony as a forward thinker.

But some believe the Jersey Devil is a real creature roaming the Pine Barrens. Others are adamant something dark and evil occupies the area. Regardless, as the Leeds Devil morphed into today’s cryptid, tales of this creature have haunted the Pine Barrens and it’s residents for over two and a half centuries.

Wingspan: Four to five feet.
Physical Description: Three to four feet tall. Head of a horse; body of a kangaroo; bat wings; serpentine or forked tail; feet of a goat. Some accounts say it has the head of a ram and the face of a monkey. On the ground or rooftops it hops like a bird. Emits a high, piercing scream.
Demeanor: Eats livestock, flies at people. Said to be pure evil.
Supernatural Powers: Some people believe the Jersey Devil is responsible for the bad things that happen in and around the Pine Barrens and that he has the ability to harm people without them knowing it.
Location: Pine Barrens, New Jersey.

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This was to commemorate National Nurses Day. Design by Mel Cabre.
Somewhere in the recess of my mind, I believe the JD loves cookies.

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