Spring-heeled Jack

Spring-heeled Jack, Creature Design by Mel Cabre, Cryptid World

Here’s what we know about Jack:

Physical Description: A tall and lean humanoid; pale with large pointy ears and a crow-like nose; glowing red eyes with metal, talon-like claws; wears tight white clothing with a black cape and helmet. Some reported cloven hoof prints on the rooftops of where Spring-heeled Jack was seen.
Demeanor: Menacing and Diabolical.
Supernatural Powers: Fast. Spring-heeled Jack has the ability to travel great distances in a single bound. Breathes out a bluish flame.
First Sightings: 1837. He attacked a young woman and ripped at her clothes and kissed her. When she cried for help, he left.
Location: In and around London, England and the black country.
Notes: Many sightings and attacks happened around pubs like “The Dragon” in the London district of Blackheath, “The Swan” in Whiteheath, “The Wheatsheaf” at Lye Cross, and “The Lion” in Tividale. Rumors spread that wherever there were hoof prints, death soon followed.

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