Tatzelwurm, cryptid, digital design by Mel Ayers on Cryptid World

The Tatzelwurm is both reptilian and mammalian. Nearly all mammals, with the exception of primates and the occasional Pedals–the bear or Bigfoot–are quadrupeds. The only full time bipedal reptiles were dinosaurs. So to create a hybrid from the basic information of the Tatzelwurm was a fun challenge.

Obviously the forequarter is feline; the hindquarter is reptilian. I wanted to stay away from the basic facial structure of the cat and take inspiration from the fantastical thylacosmilus.

Because the hindquarters are reptilian, I designed the Tatzelwurm with an egg sack. The eggshells are made of ivory and susceptible to poaching, which may be one reason reason the Tatzelwurm hasn’t been seen since the early 1990’s.

The Tatzelwurm only has forelimbs. If they were hind limbs the legs would be attached to the pelvic bone.

Cold-blooded, the coat of the Tatzelwurm is for mere appearance.

Two years later, I created a new design more representative of traditional design.

Which do you like better?

Created by Mel Ayers. You can see more of her work on Instagram by clicking here. Check out her selection of digital cryptid designs here.

Disclaimer: In order to showcase cryptids in a real world setting, we have made some adaptations that may not accurately reflect traditional folklore standards.

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