Cryptid and Creature Designs

Mel Ayers, digital artist, creature design
Mel Cabre
Digital Artist, Illustrator, Author

Mel Cabre, digital artist at Cyptid Word designs a different cryptid or creature each month and shares some of her character design ideas.

Please note: Not all creatures on this page are cryptids. You’ll also find fearsome critter, mythological beasts, monsters, etc.

Bigfoot Types

The Yeti

Flying Cryptids/Creatures


The Jersey Devil


The Owlman of Cornwall

Water Cryptids/Creatures

Bear Lake Monster


The Loveland Frogman

Water Sprite


The Loch Ness Monster

Humanoid Cryptids/Creatures

The Grunch Road Monster

The Pope Lick Monster

Spring-Heeled Jack


Feline Cryptids/Creatures

Beast of Bladenboro

Cabbit and Jackalope


Canine Cryptids/Creatures

Michigan Dogman

Insectoid Cryptids/Creatures

J’ba fofi

The Mongolian Death Worm