Cryptid of the Month

Mel Ayers, digital artist, creature design
Mel Cabre
Digital Artist, Illustrator, Author

Mel Cabre, digital artist at Cyptid Word designs a different cryptid or creature each month and shares some of her character design ideas.

July 2018 – Tatzelwurm

August 2018Hippocampus

September 2018 Thunderbird

October 2018Water Sprite

November 2018The Loveland Frogman

January 2019The Loch Ness Monster

March 2019The Pope Lick Monster

April 2019Cabbit and Jackalope

May 2019Fairy

June 2019Michigan Dogman

July 2019Ogopogo

August 2019 Beast of Bladenboro

September 2019The Mongolian Death Worm

October 2019 – The Owlman of Cornwall