Bigfoot and Mothman: Advice on Keeping the 4th of July Safe

Somewhere, people and cryptids are celebrating the 4th of July holiday with pizza. Especially since we have a three day weekend. Just be kind and think of your fellow pizza eaters. If they say no mushrooms, then politely keep them to your half.

This happened awhile back between Bigfoot and Mothman:
Bigfoot and Mothman, National Pizza Day, Mel Cabre, Cryptid World

Being bigger, a little more famous, and sometimes thought to be cuddly (whoever thinks that!), does not give one the right to be the pizza dictator and add mushrooms. It’s enough to bring out the violent side of any person…or cryptid.

Bigfoot, Mothman, Cryptid Comic, Mel Cabre, Creature Design

And no one wants to fight when we could be eating, drinking, and playing safely with small fire hazards.

Be kind and respectful. The 4th of July will be better for it.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

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We hope you have a fun and safe holiday. For our friends around the world, we hope you have a splendid weekend. Stay safe.

–T.S. Mart and Mel Cabre