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When a dark shadow passes overhead, do you stop? Or do you run?

Infamous sky monsters have haunted our imaginations for centuries. The Thunderbird, steeped in Native American folklore, supposedly controls evil by throwing lightning. The Jersey Devil is said to roam the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, terrorizing anyone who crosses its path. And the cryptic warnings of Mothman have worried residents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, since the 1960s.

A Guide To Sky Monsters by T. S. Mart and Mel Cabre

In A Guide to Sky Monsters: Thunderbirds, the Jersey Devil, Mothman, and Other Flying Cryptids, authors T. S. Mart and Mel Cabre introduce 20 flying cryptids with legends that span the United States. With 70 hand-drawn illustrations, A Guide to Sky Monsters details our fascination with these creatures and describes both historical evidence found in the fossil record and the specifics of modern-day sightings. By studying the fact, fiction, and pop culture surrounding these notorious beasts, Mart and Cabre help us lean into the question, “What if?”

A Guide to Sky Monsters, perfect for the believer and skeptic alike, addresses the wider truths about flying cryptids and leaves us all to wonder whether that breeze was the wind or a wing.

Early Review for Sky Monsters

A Guide to Sky Monsters by T. S. Mart and Mel Cabre does more than simply recite creepy critter stories. It’s an introduction to a world you might not have realized even exists. One just above your head whose inhabitants are giant birds, terrifying demons, and creatures previously thought extinct. What T. S. and Mel do is open our minds to ideas and beasts . . . in a time where every discovery is thought to have been made. They’re to be commended as much for inspiring us to seek out answers as they are for weaving together the various strands of these centuries-old mysteries.

Seth Breedlove, Director, Small Town Monsters

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Cryptids that rise out of the sentiments of the times often have deep historical or cultural roots. This couldn’t be more true for the Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, and Mothman. Not only were belief systems at play during the rise of these cryptids but so were the nasty seeds of intolerance and distrust. What we believe + high emotion = volatile reactions. Unchecked, this combination becomes a breeding ground for hate—even in the world of cryptids. But why?

T. S. Mart, A Guide To Sky Monsters