Cryptids of the World Jigsaw Puzzle and Cryptober 2020

The one thing I love most about Cryptid World is the endless possibility of fun. I think about articles, blog posts, creature-designs, stories, coloring pages, puzzles, games, crafts, recipes… All focused on cryptids, creatures, and fascinating creations! Sometimes, my head spins, and I freeze, unsure what direction to take next. That’s when I remind myself to take one small step at a time. Just do the next interesting thing. Or the next thing to fix the website, or the next social media post, or the…

If you’ve followed us from the beginning then you’ve seen the baby steps as Cryptid World has slowly grown. We’re still a tiny blip of nothing much, but that’s okay. We don’t mind as long as what we create is our best effort.

With the release of our first book, Mel and I are hosting a book launch party to celebrate! For the party we’ve created various puzzles and games. Some of you may know the party was pushed back a month to October 20th. This is good because we’re not scrambling. It’s bad because I want to keep tweaking and changing things.

Cryptids of the World Jigsaw Puzzle

While putting together the party, I discovered Jigsaw Planet. Now I can’t stop creating puzzles! If you like cryptids, Mel’s creature designs, and jigsaw puzzles, check out this vibrant design. If it’s taking too long click on the puzzle tab at the top of the page and try the 30 piece puzzle of the same design. What do you think?

What other creatures would make good puzzles? The Tatzelwurm, the Beast of Bladenboro (always seems to be a favorite), Spring-Heeled Jack, the Chickcharney? Or something else?

Make a request and I’ll commission Mel to design it!

Cryptids around the world, Tatzelwurm, Beast of Bladenboro, Spring-Heeled Jack, Chickcharney

Cryptober 2020

Speaking of Mel and creature designs, she’s gearing up for Cryptober 2020. Last year was a huge success and inspired the Cryptids of the World Jigsaw puzzle/poster. This year, she’ll once again be posting her work daily, along with as many other artists as she can include. Regardless of experience, she invites you to join in and share your depiction of the daily cryptid. You can find details about Cryptober 2020 here.

Which Cryptid Are You Excited See?

I’m looking forward to Mel’s next version of Momo. She profiles him, including an illustration, in The Legend of Bigfoot. I’m curious if this one will vary much because she has such a unique take on him.

Cryptid and Creature Coloring Contest

If drawing is not your thing but you like creature designs and want to give voice to your artistic expression, consider entering our coloring contest, which is actually a drawing because we believe all artistic expression is important. You can see the different entrants on the home page in the side bar. Be as colorful and whimsical as you like. All the contest details, and what you can win, are here.

Every Child is an Artist, Coloring Contest, Cryptober 2021

Have a great day, everyone, and remember: “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” –Bob Ross.