T. S. Mart and Mel Ayers

About Cryptid World

About Cryptid World-T. S. Mart and Mel Ayers
Checking to see if the chupacabra live in the Arizona desert…thoughts?

Cryptid World is a mother-daughter team who loves cryptids, creatures–both real and fictional–and creation. We believe every creature has been designed with a purpose, even the ones in our minds. Tammy is the writer (writing as T. S. Mart), also known as Mom. Mel Ayers (also known as Melcabre) is the lameness detector, folklore expert, and illustrator. Together, we’ve plotted and written three novels and a novella we call the Belied Outcast Legends. Now, that we’ve written them, we’re looking to publish. And write more.

But something crazy happened. Several months ago, our agent called and asked if we’d be interested in writing a non-fiction book about Bigfoot and possibly other crytids?

We’d always had a bigger vision for our writing and illustrating–a desire to share our passions with others for entertainment and to simply connect–but we weren’t exactly sure what that looked like. Until we renamed ourselves Cryptid World and decided to offer a variety of items centered around our theme of cryptids, creatures, and creation.

Cryptid World is ever-evolving as we learn and grow, sharing a dogged determination and stubbornness that often has us working long hours in our small office. We try not to drive each other crazy, but there is the occasional day–or two…okay, everyday–that one of us talks too much, forcing the other to wear headphones.

On a more personal note Mel is a graduate of Suzhou Singapore International School. She spent her last two years of high school in China where she met her high school sweetheart and brand new husband. She does not speak Mandarin, but she loves dumplings, milk tea, and midnight ebike rides through the city. She also loves to garden, play with her cat, and collect skulls. You can view her artwork on Instagram @Melcabre2.

Tammy is a Licensed Social Worker and previous mental health and grief counselor. She’s published in both short fiction and non-fiction. You can read some of her previously published stuff here. She enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, and visiting with family–especially her three grown kids.

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“Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you will do the best.” —Marva Collins, American Educator.